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About Us

Rocky Mountain Commodities s.r.o (RMC)

RMC was founded in 1995 in Prague, Czech Republic “Central Europe” as a global distribution & trading company in polymers, plastic raw materials as well in Agro commodities with offices and operations in Europe, Middle East and Africa.


RMC is multifunctional company. Due to our diversification, geographic location, activities, trade and services, we leverage on our network of global relations directly with the producers and suppliers of the following:

  • Polymers and plastics
  • Agro commodities
  • Machinery and Tools & Medical equipment’s


In Petrochemical (Raw Material), due to our relationship with JPC chemicals with their production capabilities of 300,000 tons of plastic raw materials (LLDPE, HDPE and others polymers) we can supply and service wide range of plastic raw material used in various application.

The agro commodity division, due to our network of global fundamental relations with agricultural commodities buyers and suppliers, we execute all the commodities trades with thorough understanding of the global markets demand of Arabic Gum, Sesame seeds, Hibiscus, Hazel nuts, Pistachios.







Our Advantage in Supplying Agro Commodities:

  • Supplying organic products
  • Supplying best quality worldwide
  • Products availability off season
  • Products analysis reports
  • Quick documentation process
  • Accurate and firm delivery time
  • Capability for long terms contracts


Out sourcing of high tech machinery and tools based on turnkey solution is based on providing consultation and operational synergies and cost efficiencies transferring final benefit to end user.
In today’s rapidly changing world, we fulfill global resources needs in their raw or processed formats from supply abundant locations to high demand zones.


To grow steadily and establish strong position as a key supplier of Polymers and Agro commodities by building on core strengths and partnerships along the way.
To be a one-stop shop and service point for clients by providing relevant, up-to-date and in-depth information on price movements, commodity trends and market dynamics.
Our Philosophy
Reliability, Credibility, Transparently and Trustworthy (RCT&T) are the most powerful basic assets that, you will gain them only by working very hard along the years and always you to due-diligent.

Our Business:

By partnering with one of the high rated and TOP producers of Annual production capacity of 1,320,000 MT of ethylene and 306,000 MT of propylene, Jam Petrochemical Company, in terms of capacity, stands first in Iran & is one of the largest petrochemical producers of in the world.

HDPE Unit of Jam Petrochemical Company to produce 300,000 tons annually is one of largest polymer units in the country. In addition to producing the 26 main grids, this unit is able to produce black, yellow, blue and normal grids. These features of products are distinctive in the world.

LLDPE Unit of Jam Petrochemical Company to produce 300, 000 tons of products, is one of the largest units in the polymer. The extruder capacity in this unit is 42 tons per hour and it has the ability to
Range of products we can supply.